Privacy and Security Policy

Top Service di Evgen Lafazan ('BookYourMoto') manages the site, mobile site, mobile application and booking engine, which is integrated into third-party websites (together 'BookYourMoto Sites'). In this privacy statement, you will find our privacy and security policies and are part of the Terms of Use that apply to your use of BookYourMoto sites and products. Please note that when accessing our reservation system on a third-party website, this privacy statement applies only to the information we collect using your booking engine and does not collect or retain the data of the operator of a third-party website.

BookYourMoto has been processing online orders for the rental of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters since 2016, and we have always put the safety of our online transactions, the details of our customers' credit cards, and their personal data as our top priority. We will continue to offer our customers the highest level of security for online transactions and we guarantee the security of your data when booking through the BookYourMoto service.

BookYourMoto understands that some people doubt that it is safe to enter their personal data into websites and applications via the Internet. Below we explain how we use your information and how we protect your privacy. BookYourMoto and its affiliated companies respect and protect your right to privacy with respect to your interactions with BookYourMoto sites. Any information that you provide to BookYourMoto through BookYourMoto sites is confidential and is transmitted to the ultimate motorcycle supplier, with your permission.

1. Information required for booking

So that we can process the booking for you on behalf of the travel service provider, we need some information from you. This includes your name, nationality, your gender (or the gender of the group you are in), your phone number and email address. In addition, since we confirm your booking while you are on BookYourMoto's websites, we need your credit or debit card details so that we can book a motorcycle on your behalf from the supplier.

2. Who sees your information

We must send your information to the travel service provider with which you have booked tourist services so that the travel service provider knows who you are and when you will use your travel services. We provide your name, your citizenship, your gender (or gender of your group), your phone number, your email address, your credit card details and your booking details. The travel service provider requires that this information accept a confirmed booking from you. All travel service providers, on behalf of whom we support the reservation, have agreed to the terms of use of BookYourMoto and have accepted this privacy policy.

We can also share your personal information with third-party service providers who process it on our behalf to provide the best service for you. For example, we use various technologies provided by Google, including its Maps product and its analytical products, to improve the BookYourMoto sites. The following websites have set Google's privacy policies in relation to these services: and We share your personal information with trusted third-party service providers.

3. Security

All personal information exchanged between your device and BookYourMoto sites is encrypted using SSL. This ensures that your information will be transmitted securely and securely to third parties.

4. How we use your information

In addition to using and disclosing the information that is required when you use our services related to travel and data processing (and which we describe above), we use your email address to send you confirmation of your orders, reminders of a trip, a reminder by email to provide an overview of your latest lease or occasionally inform you about new features on the sites of BookYourMoto. In our booking confirmation and letters with a reminder of the trip, banner advertising can be placed. We only use your phone number to contact you immediately if you have a problem with your booking. In cases where you contact us with a request, we use your contact information to respond to your request.

If you gave us your consent, we can send you emails, which, in our opinion, will be useful to you. This can include our regular e-newsletter, special offers, travel advice, customer surveys and information about products and services offered by us or our selected partners. If your settings on your device allow you to send notifications about the application, we can also send you notifications about applications containing similar information. You can refuse to receive email at any time by clicking on the link provided in the email messages and notifying the applications by changing the notification settings in your application.

We take reasonable steps to ensure that your information is relevant to its intended use, and that it is accurate and up-to-date. As a registered user of BookYourMoto, you can access and update your contact information, personal preferences and subscription options at any time by visiting the section of the BookYourMoto site account. The information you send helps us make emails more useful, interesting and relevant to you.

We use cookies and pixel tags on BookYourMoto sites and in our emails.

In some cases, we can provide statistical data about our customers to third parties, such as rental companies or other agents. These statistics never contain personal identification information.

We will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your prior consent.

5. Advertising

We want to make it easier for you to use the opportunities related to travel, which we use on the sites of BookYourMoto. We work with our advertising partners to try to make sure that when you see the advertising of the brand BookYourMoto, it will be relevant to you and your interests. This applies to advertisements that are displayed on their own BookYourMoto websites. We do this by allowing our third-party advertisers to collect personally identifiable information about your visits to BookYourMoto sites, such as the pages you visit on BookYourMoto's sites, and the places you seem to be interested in.

When we share information with third-party advertisers, we always guarantee that we will do it in accordance with our obligations under the data protection law. We can use technologies such as 'hashing' to ensure that we do not provide our third-party service providers with your personal data. Some of our third-party advertising partners ask us to inform you about the privacy policy. These policies are available through the following links:;;

6. Your BookYourMoto account

When you make an order on BookYourMoto sites, an account will automatically be created for you. Your account allows you to view, change or cancel your orders and can include features that allow you to communicate with other travelers, leave feedback, upload photos, share travel tips and plan future trips.

After the first booking on BookYourMoto sites you will receive information about your username and password of the BookYourMoto account. You can change your username, password and personal information at any time by logging into your account.

Your feedback settings in the BookYourMoto account automatically automatically display your photo and username for your feedback by default. You can change the settings of this profile at any time by logging into your account.

If you decide not to show your photo and the name of your profile in your reviews, any feedback you send will be displayed only for your trip type.

7. Reviews

We offer you the opportunity to publish reviews about rental companies. If you provide us with an overview, we can include your review on BookYourMoto sites and on selected partner sites.

8. Site verification

We use various technologies that allow us to test the work of the BookYourMoto Websites and allow us to improve our services.

9. Your rights of access and amendments

You have the right to request a copy of the information we have about you (for which we may charge a small fee). If you want to take this opportunity, please contact us at [email protected].

10. Limitation and exclusion of liability

BookYourMoto, its directors, employees, employees and agents, affiliates or other representatives and their respective parent and subsidiary companies are not liable for any claims, emergencies, claims, causes, damages, losses, expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees and costs of litigation arising from the use and / or dissemination of personal information relating to you in accordance with this privacy policy and your consent.

11. Changes to the Statement of Privacy and Security

BookYourMoto reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend this Privacy and Security Statement at any time, and you should regularly review this privacy policy. However, when any such amendments substantially change the use of any personal data by us, any such amendment will be subject to prior agreement.